Don't Forget to Check Your Blind Spots

Avoid a PR blunder or paying penalties because you simply didn’t have a way to monitor employee behavior on Workplace by Facebook or other collaboration platforms.

Aware by Wiretap provides visibility and insights into Work Chats and all Group types.

Leverage Aware by Wiretap to:

  • monitor public and private content on all of your collaboration platforms,

  • maintain your organization’s acceptable usage standards,

  • gain visibility into organizational sentiment, mood and social health -- instantly,

  • safeguard against potential exposure from inappropriate sharing of sensitive content,

  • and ensure compliance with internal and external regulations.


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Secure Collaboration Starts with Protecting What's Most Important

Protect Your Data

In 2017, Verizon found that 25% of breaches involved inside actors. With Aware by Wiretap, you can monitor public and private content, safeguarding against the potential exposure of high-risk files and communications.


You are alerted in the event of inappropriate workplace communication such as, sexual harassment, hate speech, or cyber bullying with Aware by Wiretap’s AI-infused technology. This gives you the ability to respond to an issue before it escalates into a public situation.

Protect Your Company

Penalties surrounding privacy regulations are expensive. With Aware by Wiretap, you can mitigate the risk of lawsuits by managing your retention policies and data for your collaboration platforms. This tool provides a content-specific compliance solution for the upcoming GDPR deadline (effective May 25, 2018!).

Protect Your Culture

Responding to individual incidents is only the beginning with Aware by Wiretap. Leverage our innovative and accurate data models to attain actionable insights into organization behavior. Using neural-speech insights, you can understand:

  • organizational sentiment,
  • communication patterns across teams and employees, and
  • organizational influencers.


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How Does Aware by Wiretap Work?

Once set up, Aware by Wiretap automates the monitoring and governance of employee interactions within Workplace by Facebook.

Key Features

  • Monitoring for all public and private content on connected  collaboration platforms
  • Instant, actionable insights into organizational sentiment, mood, and social health.
  • Configurable, smart rule creation allowing for near real-time notification of and response to incidents.
  • Data management functionality provides a record retention solution for regulations such as GDPR.

Become Aware from Day One

The platform comes with over 100 of out-of-the-box policies (such as monitoring for hate speech or sensitive data) so you can start small and configure as you go.

Easy to Configure

We understand that your organization’s needs and concerns are unique. With our easy-to-use interface, designated users can configure policies and related actions – without the need of a developer.  

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Do You Know What Your Employees Are Sharing?

In the past twelve months, large companies like Google, Anthem, and Uber have made headlines because of an insider issue that threatened their workplace security.

Your company likely monitors and protects email, phone, and internet usage.

It's about time to take the same precautions with your collaboration platforms.

Take the responsible step by investing in security, monitoring, and peace of mind knowing that your data, employees, and company is safe when collaborating.